Twitter has a laugh as rain pours in Donetsk

Top 10 jokes that appeared on my timeline at the expense of France, Ukraine and the weather.

1: France gonna win by Duckworth-Lewis method.. -via @Aditya2991

2: They should add this type of weather in FIFA 13. Call it “THE MONSOON” -via @KSIOlajidebt

3: Breaking News: UEFA reject ICC’s suggestion to shorten match to 20-20 minutes each half. –via @swarnavoc24

4: Today’s match between Ukraine and France will now be settled by a game of water polo. –via @peterssoccer

5: Will Ukraine now qualify automatically for EURO 2016 as raining champions? -via @MUFCSupport

6: Ukraine vs France match flooded. Spain’s Sergio Busquets booked for diving. -via @RedArmy_MUFC

7: No word yet from Donetsk. Let’s hope Ribery doesn’t get hit by lightning again! -via @paddypower

8: “QUICK, someone give Samir Nasri a metal rod!” -via @caughtoffside

9: If the game is abandoned then with Ukraine being the home team, France receives an automatic 3-0 victory.   -via @AnnieEaves

10: Now you understand why we have My Tournament in Qatar. All this rain and lightning nonsense at Platini’s Tournament. -via @FakeSepp

– by Rohit Shankarmani

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