No SEX: The Italian Solution

Football clubs are always looking for new ways to prevent and reduce the number of injuries that they inevitably experience each season.

Napoli has one rule that it credits with keeping its number of muscle injuries low: No sex for two days before each match. Whether the sex ban is the reason or not, Napoli has had a low number of muscular injuries. Still, this seems like a harsh rule and one that is probably very impractical for wealthy young footballers. Just for your information Muhammad Ali, for one, reportedly wouldn’t make love for six weeks before a fight.

This is what footballers do after two days of no sex.

AC Milan on the other hand has their own injury crises many of them muscular in nature. Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng suffered a thigh injury during last weekend’s 1-0 loss to Inter. But according to his model girlfriend, it wasn’t the football that hurt him, it was all the sex they have.

Melissa Satta, who Kevin-Prince has been dating for a while, described their sex life and attributed that to his niggles. Melissa Satta said: “The reason why he is always injured is because we have sex 7-10 times a week”.

Flexing the wrong muscle?

If that is what’s causing Boateng’s injuries, then I’m sure he doesn’t mind, since not being able to play only means he has more time to increase his injury risk.

Milan players missed more than 300 Serie A matches in 2011-12 because of injuries, which has the Vice President Adriano Galliani fuming. Since Coach Massimiliano Allegri took over, the Rossoneri have sustained 137 different injuries, a whopping 78 of them muscular in nature. The figure for Italian champions Juventus was just 44. Since 2007-08, the amount of top-flight games missed by sidelined Rossoneri players were recorded at 151, 161, 218, 184 and 307.

(Stat Courtesy: Gazzetta dello Sport)

No Sex for you 😛

Making recommendations against certain, especially acrobatic positions would probably be more practical than blaming it on players having sex. Also, banning Marek Hamsik from biting the heads off his partners immediately after the act would probably be a good idea for legal reasons.

Next time we shouldn’t be surprised if John Terry picks up a muscular injury. JT is currently out injured out thanks to an ankle injury, wondering which position can cause that. It’s worth a thought.

– by Ravi Sadrani

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