Twitter has a laugh as Chelsea down Spurs at the Lane

1: We took their chance of FA Cup glory last season, took their CL place, signed Hazard/Marin/Oscar ahead of them & now taken all 3 points!

–  By @CarloFan

2: The game at 2nd half’s start was becoming HAZARDous for Chelsea but Juan took MATA into his hands and gave an OSCAR winning performance.

– By @EdafeBoss

3: Don’t feel ‘2’ sorry ‘4’ Tottenham. They had it coming.

– By @db_bad

4: Spurs fans mass exodus…..again” “It’s like Wembley at the lane”.

– By @buzzard13

5: It doesn’t “MATA” AVB, Spurs won’t sack you!!!

– By @Alex_IS_God

6: And Billy Gallas! You slam dunk a goal with your palm and expect to beat the champions of Europe?

– By @bluechampion

7: So Tottenham thought they would win? Well that’s un4-2nate =))

– By @KillSign_Junior

8: ‘André, André, what’s the score?’ ‘André, André, what’s the score?’ – Cruel from jubilant Chelsea supporters.

– By @chelseafc

9: “In simple terms we know why Roman sacked AVB” haha 😀 

– By @Lord_Sugar

10: AVB, now your just somebody that I used to know haha, nice song selection Sky.

– By @savage2ooo

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