TROLL FOOTBALL: Howard Web playing spoil sport and stopping 4-0 scoreline trending.

howard webb playing spoil sport

TROLL FOOTBALL: Mike Dean, Trolling Arsenal since the past 7 years.

mike dean - trolling arsene since past 7 years

TROLL FOOTBALL: Jay Rodriguez and Nick Powell. #CloseEnough

jay rodriguez and nick powell - close enough

TROLL FOOTBALL: Balotelli trolling Odemwingie on twitter. #SignMeMaybe

Balotelli trolling Odemwingie on twitter - sign me maybe

TROLL FOOTBALL: Santi Cazorla and Senti Cazorla.

Troll Football - santi cazorla and senti cazorla

TROLL FOOTBALL: Chelsea – The Great Russian Circus. [credits Aslam Shaahid]

chelsea - the great russian circus

TROLL FOOTBALL: Close Enough – David De Gea and Gareth Bale.

de gea and bale - close enough

TROLL FOOTBALL: Close Enough – Filippo Inzaghi and Arjun Rampal.

Inzaghi and Arjun Rampal - close enough

TROLL FOOTBALL: Close Enough – Georgios Samaras and Ashton Kutcher.

samaras and ashton kutcher - close enough

TROLL FOOTBALL: Keep calm and pass me the ball…Berbatov being laughed at by Robben, Nani, Ronaldo and Sturridge.

keep calm and pass me the ball (berbatov, ronaldo, nani, robben, sturridge)

TROLL FOOTBALL: Not Sure if Queens Park Rangers or Queens Park Relegated.

not sure if queens park rangers or queens park relegated

STAT ATTACK – Barcelona’s consolation against Celtic was the only goal of Messi’s record breaking 91 in 2012 that came in a defeat. #Respect

Messi the Record Breaker #Respect

TROLL FOOTBALL: Fellaini giving Shawcross what he deserves … you’re my pumpkin-pumpkin, hello hunny-bunny.

Fellaini head-butting Shawcross - you're my pumpkin-pumpkin

TROLL FOOTBALL: David Luiz trolling Rafa Benitez … Taking credit for Torres’s form.

David Luiz trolling Rafa Benitez

TROLL FOOTBALL: Rafa Benitez silencing his critics by bringing Torres back to form.

Rafa bringing torres back to form and silencing his critics

TROLL FOOTBALL: Manchester City buying referees … Thats what i call championship winning form.

Manchester City buying referees

TROLL FOOTBALL: Real Madrid lose at Betis … If you know what i mean 😉

TROLL FOOTBALL: Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan and Madrid all lose and Downing scores … The world is going to end.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Edin Dzeko trolls Juan Mata #BitchPlease :p

TROLL FOOTBALL: Juan Mata scores 2 goals to change the game in a matter of minutes.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Andre Villas Boas getting trolled.

TROLL FOOTBALL: A Manchester United fan voices is concern over Scholes and Giggs starting against Newcaslte.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Close Enough – Brad Cooper and Robbie Savage.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Steven Fletcher #Respect

TROLL FOOTBALL: No Drogba, Doesn’t MATA!!!

TROLL FOOTBALL: Buttner and Cleverley … Close enough.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Press trolling Rooney and Ferguson.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Torres and Hazard trolling their trollers.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Manchester United’s defence trolled.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Manchester United’s transfer policy trolled.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Mancini trolled – they never said …

TROLL FOOTBALL: Here comes the money – Manchester City.

TROLL FOOTBALL: How Maicon sees Gareth Bale.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Yaya Toure – The Juggernaut.

 TROLL FOOTBALL: FIFA 13 is so realistic – starring England.

TROLL FOOTBALL: FIFA 13 is so realistic – starring Carlos Tevez.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Rajnikanth trolling Ibrahimovic and Van Der Vaart in Bubble Gum juggling competition :p

TROLL FOOTBALL: Spain’s Game-plan: Xavi’s message to his teammates ahead of the Euro 2012 Final.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Stewart Downing or Stuart Drowning !!!

TROLL FOOTBALL: Lahm and Reus trolling the Greeks

TROLL FOOTBALL: French fans troll Ramos ahead of their match against Spain

TROLL FOOTBALL: Sepp Blatter’s conspiracy against England

TROLL FOOTBALL: Sneijder and Robben picking on young Jetro Willems

TROLL FOOTBALL: Group of Death, Yeah Right 😉

TROLL FOOTBALL: Close Enough! Ferdinand and Fellaini copying each others hairstyles.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Nani trolling his critics as Portugal beat Denmark.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Football Is Soooo Predictable !!!

TROLL FOOTBALL: De Jong Trolled.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Kyle Walker…..Bitch please, more like Kyle RUNNER.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Joe Hart Trolled.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Juventus “invincibles” !!!

TROLL FOOTBALL: Demba “BA, Bahu aur Baby” …. lol

TROLL FOOTBALL: Andrea Villas Boas trolled by Di Matteo.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Germans trolled by Frank Lampard.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Vincent Kompany trolled by $amir Na$ri

TROLL FOOTBALL: Kenny Dalglish and John Henry Trolled

TROLL FOOTBALL: Steven Gerrard and Roy Hogdson trolled over England’s Euro Squad.

TROLL FOOTBALL: Michael Owen trolled after he played in Harry Gregg’s testimonial

TROLL FOOTBALL: Andrea Villa Boas and Fernando Torres trolled – “change the game”

 TROLL FOOTBALL: “Fergie Time” I think not … Sir Alex trolled by Roberto Mancini

TROLL FOOTBALL: Eden Hazard trolled by Manchester United and Arsenal


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